It is very interesting how confused and forgetful, good living at the expense of the tax payer, some people can become when fed political power, particularly so shocking when these are people whose political mantra has always been PROBITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

 Last Saturday, 14/07/12 on the Joyfm current affairs programme Newsfile, was one such moment,  when Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa mentioned without any shame or sense of accountability to Ghanaians that his government, in seeking further WISDOM in dealing with the Isofoton case, commissioned a committee of wise and competently qualified persons to advise His Excellency Prof. Mills on the best way forward, and that they were paid half a million US dollars for their wise advise

He however, went on to admit that the president acted on his own to deal with the case the way he deemed proper without receiving the commissioned report that cost us half a million dollars.

 W|hen the report was later brought, the president’s actions were contrary to the advise of his own committee of wise experts.

 These are the actions of the president Ghanaians believe would prudently manage and arrest the abuse of our scarce national resources.

 Hear Kofi Wayo in his comment on the said Ablakwa;  “Okudzeto, sometimes to use pure American English, is sometimes just stupid. This is ridiculous. We all know this. What was the point? Why did you spend the taxpayers money (in holding the press conference?). Why couldn’t you just call Graphic and say this is the situation? Why did he have to spend so much money with all these officials? That’s the waste that’s going on, and Atta Mills got to arrest this kind of situation. That’s his job to do so.”

 Poor Mr. Wayo, he still credits the president and his team B squad with a sense of accountability in the way they use our money.

 To Kofi Wayo, I say I feel your concern against the wanton abuse of our resources but the man who you are hoping should see and know better, to bring Okudzeto Ablakwa to book, is himself throwing our money to “cronies” under the guise of advising him.Half a million dollars for a report he would not even wait to receive?.

 One would have thought that by their very competence and the president’s own trust in the wisdom of such a commission to advice him, and for the half a million dollars tax payers money, which am sure they must have deserved, he would have waited to receive their report for him.

 God save our country from such financial recklessness.





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