I read with utter shock, the effusions of youthful exuberance from the Deputy Youth Coordinator of the P.P.P., Mr Richard Nii Armah, in his attempt, perhaps, to impress his own bosses by attacking some answers given at the recent I.E.A. event by the flag bearer of the N.P.P., Nana Akuffo Addo. ( Myjoyonline, 25/08/12 )

 Richard says,” When the Ghana Integrity Initiative Boss questioned Akuffo Addo about how he was going to deal with the issue of corruption” It was very funny how Nana Addo talked about eradicating corruption by being an exemplary leader.

 What is impractical about a man stating his known stance and integrity against corruption?, isn’t he stating his LEADERSHIP STYLE and APPROACH, that as one who abhors such acts, he would not tolerate them?

I would have thought that Richard Armah would be raising any credibility issues to contradict or question Nana’s clear statement of fact and of his proven character, that, he Nana, is NOT CORRUPT and CANNOT BE CORRUPTED, so that we know Richard Armah has the locus to even doubt the man’s style and strategy for governance.

 For after all, Mr Richard Nii Armah,  isn’t LEADERSHIP STYLE  A STRATEGY TO LEADERSHIP? So what is your beef with a leadership style that has for all its life practicalised the fight against corruption and arbitrariness.

 Perhaps, you expected Nana Addo to have said he would create a new E.O.C.O, Judiciary or Police Force, your party’s idea of an “Edjumawura” or fully appreciating the nature of corruption in our system I guess.

 Mr Armah, you then go on to compare apples with oranges ( Nana Addo with Late Prof. Mills) solely on the bases of their incorruptible nature without an understanding that, added to the incorruptibility, Nana was also emphasizing LEADERSHIP STYLE, and his COMMAND AND CONTROL of the N.P.P both as a party and in government and showing a commitment to what/who he is and believe in, a willingness to deal with erring appointees without fear or favour, something Nana Addo, a known no nonsense man all his life was referring to.

 The late Prof. Mills may have been incorruptible Richard Nii Armah, but was he in-charge of his government?, could he bring his founding corrupt men and women in the castle to order, as a way of exemplifying his non corrupt nature?.  These, Mr Armah, the deputy youth coordinator of the P.P.P., does not care to answer.

 Now regarding, according to you Mr Armah, Nana Addo’s “very laughable suggestion by saying that he will handle Judgment debt by causing the Attorney General to publish all claims made against the state, as if to say that it is the people of Ghana who shall determine which Judgment debt to be paid”,  I would say or draw your excited mind to the fact that, if the current government, the NDC had done precisely what Nana is suggesting by publishing, when all those individuals brought their contract abrogation charges against the state, or consulted the officials of the previous government as it is now doing albeit too late, mother Ghana would not be saddled as it is now with Woyomegate.

 You indeed have a very youthful and hot blood running through you, so much so that you could not pause to weigh the wisdom of Nana Addo’s answers.

 Again, while I see your passion with the decoupling of the AG’s from the Ministry of Justice, yours is only a perceptional argument, in that but for the compromised stance of Prof. Mills, Mr Martin Amidu was clear in his mind, work and approach to prosecute Woyome and retrieve the money paid him. A clear case of your comparing apples with oranges I mentioned earlier. For if a president would choose to sack Amidu at the time that it was done, how is that an incapability on the part of the determined AG because he is also a Minister of Justice? You need real prove that an AG is reneging based on your stated grounds first.

 Finally, Mr Richard Nii Armah, for some one who is so quick to pontificate the so called “very laughable” positions of others, I would have thought you would explain practically, the position of your P.P.P. better than just saying “By dealing with corruption” HOW?, “we can double government revenue” HOW SURE ARE YOU? “which we will use to pay for our transformational initiatives in education” ANY SPECIFICS PLEASE?.

Please, do come again.

 Korshie Quashigah.





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